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1970 International Harvester Scout SR-2

Year:  1970
Make:  Scout
Model:  SR-2
Price:  $17,600


This 1970 International Harvester Scout SR-2 with the factory doll-up trim package is in nearly perfect original condition with only 32,052 miles (shown as the original mileage on the title).  The condition of this vehicle makes it easy to conclude that it has seen very little use.  It is finished in the IH’s signature International orange with SR2 badging and striping, and a white metal roof with sliding quarter windows and a headliner.  The interior is black vinyl with front bucket seats and a full-width rear seat.  This is a vehicle that will be noticed by its very attractive color scheme and appreciated by those who see its condition.

This Scout is the 800A series and has a six cylinder engine coupled to a three speed floor mounted manual transmission, with a rear locking differential.  It has four wheel drive and can operate in 4x4H, 4x2 or 4x4L.  The locking front hubs are easy to engage when activating the 4 wheel drive option.  The four tires are Goodyear Wrangler M&S 235/75R15’s and are mounted on the optional chrome wheels.  All four tires appear to have most of their tread life left.  The spare, also a chrome wheel (but with a bias ply tire), is positioned on the IH tailgate mount, leaving the interior of the vehicle free for passengers and cargo.

This Scout has factory-installed dual side mounted fuel tanks, with a cross-over switch and a dash gauge that enables the operator to read the level of either one.  There is also a factory AM radio (which will require servicing).

The paint is in good condition, with plenty of depth to its shine, but has rock chips consistent with off-road or gravel road use.  It has the usual parking lot chips on the side, and a slight dent (see picture) behind the left front wheel well.  The driver’s door was spot repainted at some point in the vehicle’s history.

All painted surfaces on the interior are clean and bright, as is the dash.  The seats are not torn and show little if any evidence of wear. [There is a small separation in the vinyl on the rear corner of the driver’s seat.]  The rubber floor covering is in excellent condition.  All of the glass is in good condition.  The inside of the glove compartment even has the original factory instruction and warning stickers that look as if they were affixed yesterday!

The vehicle comes with an extensive shop manual and a copy of the original factory “Line Setting Ticket” which is similar to a build sheet.  It also comes with the original Operators Manual.

All in all, this Scout SR-2 appears to be in excellent original condition, and has been well-cared for.  The current owner has had this vehicle since 1999.  Scouts have a reputation for being bullet-proof tough, and as such are often in a condition that reflects hard use.  This Scout, however, appears to have been carefully used and well cared for, and represents an unusual opportunity for a new owner to get a vehicle that cannot be duplicated.