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1978 Trans Am, 31,710 two-owner miles

Year:  1978
Make:  Pontiac
Model:  Trans Am
Price:  $16,900



Pontiac’s Trans Am Series 

As popular as the Trans Am series was, the 1977 Smokey and the Bandit film made it a part of the American pop culture.  The Trans Am became the new muscle car and therefore finding nice, unmolested examples today has become very difficult.  Our 1978 Trans Am with only two owners (the current owner is a careful woman driver who prefers to show her car) and 31,710 actual miles is one such example.  Moreover, having been a Virginia car all its life, this Trans Am is rust and corrosion free. 

Great Original Car

Usually nice muscle cars of this vintage have undergone a restoration process to make them “as original”.  This car is original!  It was sold to a Virginia purchaser on August 19, 1978 (we have the original temporary tags and the original title), and has only traveled 31,700 miles since (it had 10 dealer miles when first titled).  This car has the original 400 cid/6.6 liter engine, the original Turbo 350 transmission, the original paint (which looks great) and the original interior.  This car even has the original build sheet!  And, it looks and drives as it did when sold new.

Excellent Cosmetics 


The original paint is Trans Am Chesterfield Brown, and it is in excellent condition as one might expect from a garage-kept car.  Bright and shiny, the finish has depth that you can actually look into.  The “Firebird” logo on the hood is in nice condition, as is the “Trans Am” logo on the trunk spoiler.  AND it is the original paint. 

The chrome is very good to excellent, without any rust or damage.  Also, all of the glass is in top condition. 


The upholstery is camel tan vinyl and there is no evidence of any wear, holes or rips on any of the seats.  The door panels are in very good condition, without any signs of  wear or tear. 

The carpeting is a tan and is in excellent condition throughout the car.  The current owner (read “second”) had the headliner replaced because the original was drooping, and the replacement was done as nicely as when it originally left the factory. 

The dash and instrument panel are all original as well, without any cracking or splitting. 

Mechanically Excellent 

This Trans Am has the 6.6 liter/400cid V-8 engine that performs flawlessly.   The car starts right up, idles properly and waits patiently for the driver to call on all of its power.  When it truly comes alive, the engine has plenty of power to pin the passengers back in their seats. 

The transmission is a 3-speed Turbo 350 with a console-mounted shift lever.  The car goes into gear without complaint and shifts nicely right through the gears.  Similarly, it downshifts properly when additional power is called for. Again, the transmission functions exactly as it was designed to.  The rear axle is limited slip with a 2.56 ratio. 

Air Conditioning, Safety Equipment, etc.

This Trans Am has factory air, and it works properly—blowing cold just as it originally did.   

All of the safety equipment on the car works (lights, signals, horn, wipers), as do all the gauges and the clock, and there are seatbelts for 4 occupants.  The original radio is mounted by has been by-passed by a Panasonic AM/FM unit invisibly mounted in the glove box—but while it works properly, it will need some attention to identify a battery drain caused by its recent installation.  About the only thing we have found that doesn’t work on this great T/A are the backup lights! 

The trunk is as clean as the rest of the car (see pictures with truck liner pulled back) and has its inflatable space-saver tire  still installed. 

“A Car is only Original Once 

While the T/A’s are all considered “collectible”—and therefore many have been restored, it is very rare to find an original car with 31,000 miles and in much the same condition as when it left the factory.  This car is made all the more special by the fact that it is ready to go—no issues, no excuses, no disappointments. 

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