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1965 Dodge Polara 880 Convertible, Price: $8,500

Year:  1965
Make:  Dodge
Model:  Polara 880 Convertible
Price:  $8,500


An American Classic 

In 1965 Dodge introduced the Polara as a full-size car, built on Chrysler’s “C” platform.  The sharper lines distinguished this car from other vehicles in the ’65 lineup.  Equipped with a big block engine, the Polara was both quick off the line as well as a great road cruiser.  In the convertible version, it was pleasure to drive and provided a cruising adventure every time it left the garage. 

Nicely Restored and Maintained  

Our air conditioned 1965 Polara 880 convertible is a great example of this full-size Mopar:  nice to look at, fun to drive and with room for the whole family.  This is a driver quality vehicle that you can take to the local cruise-in or to the supermarket.  One look at the car—from its clean convertible top to its Michelin tires—shows that it has been well cared-for.  Climb behind the wheel, turn the key and the engine starts right up, shifts smoothly, stops properly and is tight as a drum going over railroad tracks. 

Nice Cosmetics 

        Paint, Body and Chrome 

The white finish is in good—albeit driver—condition with a nice shine and only one barely noticeable dent low behind the left front wheel well (see photo).  This 46 year old car has the expected signs of use: some chips and a few paint scrapes, but no exterior body rust or evidence of rust repair. 

The chrome is all in good condition without dents and looks to be in good original condition. 

The underside of the car appears free from rust-through, and the road grime and surface rust attests to its many years of dependable driving service.  

The white convertible top is in good condition and the rear window is free of tears, rips and yellowing.  The automatic top raising and lowering mechanism also works.  


The vinyl upholstery is two-tone light gold/dark gold and is in good condition.  Again, it is free from holes, tears and seam separations.  The color combination of the interior adds a sporty look to the car when the top is down. 

The dash pad is in good condition—neither faded nor cracked—and makes an attractive framework for the dash and gauges.  The door panels are in good condition although no longer stretched as tightly as they were when they were new. 

Mechanically Correct 

Our Polara convertible is a pleasure to drive.  Turn the key and it starts right up—no strange noises, no hesitation.  The 383 big block engine provides plenty of torque to move this full size convertible quickly down the road and it cruises easily at Interstate speeds.   Slip its automatic 3 speed TorqueFlight transmission into gear and it shifts smoothly and properly.  The power drum brakes bring it smoothly to a stop without pulling to either side.  Drive it over a bump or railroad tracks and there is no clanking or rattling.  There are no surprises, just a smooth running car that performs as it should. 

The odometer reads 46,961 but the actual mileage is unknown.   

Safety and Comfort Features 

This Polara convertible is ready for the road.  All of the safety features work as they should, including the lights, wipers, turn signals, horn.  The back-up lights aren’t coming on and will need some diagnosis to see if there is a loose or dirty connection.  This convertible has power steering and power brakes to make your driving both safer and more enjoyable. 

The car has what appears to be its original Chryco AM radio and it works (although weakly)!  The clock is not ticking and probably hasn’t in 30 years. 

A Sunday or Daily Driver—Your Choice!  

Our Dodge Polara 880 convertible is suitable for taking the family to church and afterwards for a fun drive in the countryside with a stop along the way at the ice cream stand.  And, the full size car has all the room you will need.  This is such pleasant car to drive, you may find yourself thinking about using it as your daily driver as well.