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1964 Corvair Convertible For Sale

Year:  1964
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  Corvair
Price:  $8,900.00


The Corvair was a revolutionary car when it was introduced in 1960, but it is generally agreed that the 1964 model year was the high water mark for the first series of that marque.  These were nice-riding, easy-shifting cars with plenty of power, even with the standard engine. 

Our 1964 Corvair convertible has a lot to offer:  a very popular color combination, a near-perfect convertible top, reliable performance and a high “fun quotient”.  And, this is a very affordable classic convertible that can accommodate 4 adults. 

This Corvair has a driver’s-quality respray in Burgundy that still looks quite nice, with plenty of sparkle and depth to the paint.  There are no dents and only a few stone/parking lot chips in the paint with slight bubbling in the paint on the very front of the hood.  The original black vinyl interior is free of rips, holes or separations and is in nice condition.  The manually-operated convertible top looks almost new and its tan fabric color is a perfect match with the burgundy body color.  All in all, this car has an attractive combination of colors that are very eye-pleasing. 

Mechanically, the six cylinder engine starts right up, idles nicely and has a generous amount of power for all but the drag strip aficionados.  The car shifts nicely through the gears and the brakes bring it quickly and safely to a stop.   

The gauges and safety equipment (lights, signals, back-up lights, and wipers) work, with the exception of the horn.  This is a car that was used regularly but not frequently in recent years, and there is a certain mustiness that is noticeable with the top up and windows closed.  Speaking of the convertible top, this is only a one-person operation to quickly open or close the top and then snap on the boot.   

This is a nice driver with a few issues that a weekend warrior can readily address:  the heater hoses appear original and need replacement; there is a hole in the passenger-side floor pan that should be remedied with a replacement readily available from Clark’s Corvairs for less than $100; etc.  There is no evidence of rust-through on the body but the rear inner quarters have some deterioration at the edges. 

For those of us who admire the looks and handling of the Corvairs, this is a car that is ready to get in, turn the key and go.  This 1964 convertible offers an inexpensive way to acquire a classic car that one can enjoy immediately with the top down on a drive in the country or to the country club.