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1962 Covair Rampside Pickup For Sale

Year:  1962
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  Covair Rampside Pickup
Price:  Now: $10,900

The Classic Rampside 

When Corvair unveiled the Rampside Pickup, it was a first-of-a-kind vehicle that allowed cargo loading through a side gate that lowered to the ground to form a ramp.  Over the years these vehicles fell victim to hard use and rust, so those that remain today are true survivors—and true collectibles. 

Nice Cosmetics 


The Rampside is red with a white stripe.  The paint work is of intermediate quality, but is bright and shiny. The red and white combination is ideal for this vehicle.  The body is free from dents other than a small scrape about 6” long in front of and on the driver’s door. Although the body is generally rust-free, there are a couple of bubbles behind the left side of the cab and on the tailgate.  At some point in the truck’s past, the rear quarter panels were replaced with heavy duty fiberglass units from Clark’s Corvairs and over the years the seam between the metal and fiberglass has begun to separate slightly.  The pickup bed is also painted red with normal scuffs/scrapes from items that have been loaded and unloaded.   

The chrome is in good condition as well, with a minor dent on both the front and rear bumpers.  The glass is in good condition with a small rock chip at the bottom of the windshield. 


The upholstery is red vinyl and in very nice condition.  The door panels are red and white to match the exterior and also are in good condition.  The previous owner installed three-point seat belts that retract out of the way but provide far superior safety than the original lap belts.   

The burgundy carpeting is in good condition and looks as if it was recently installed. 

Mechanically Excellent 

The 6 cylinder engine starts and runs properly, and provides plenty of power for this workhorse.  We just had the generator rebuilt and installed a new regulator at the same time.  Whether idling at a traffic light or out on the interstate, the engine delivers whatever is necessary. 

The transmission is a three-speed manual that has a sufficient torque range so the driver isn’t constantly changing gears.  This Rampside shifts properly into all gears. 

The brake system was just completely rebuilt, with new wheel cylinders, new flex lines and a new master cylinder.  The truck stops quickly and properly.  

Safety Equipment, etc. 

All of the safety equipment on the car works (lights, turn signals, horn, wipers), as do all the gauges and warning lights.  The AM/FM/Cassette radio works well.  This is a vehicle that is ready to take out on the road for work or show. 

A Rare Rampside not to Sneeze at!! 

While there weren’t a lot of options available, this Rampside has the optional under dash tissue dispenser!  This vehicle is fun to drive, able to haul almost a ton of cargo, and dependable.  But what makes it a classic you will want to own is the amount of attention it garners wherever it goes.  We sell all types of classic cars, but none stimulates more conversation or produces more smiles than this Corvair Rampside Pickup. 

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