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1962 Chevrolet Bubble Top 409 h.p. 4-speed

Year:  1962
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  Bel Air "Bubble Top" coupe
Price:   $99,900


One ride in this 409-powered Bel Air Sport Coupe (aka: Bubble Top) and you know why the Beach Boys chose to sing about “a four-speed, dual-quad, Positraction 409”!  Of course, that song can’t be heard over the roar of the engine or the squeal of the tires as this car accelerates down the road. 

Our 1962 Chevrolet Bel Air Bubble Top 409 has the rare dual quad configuration that produced 409 horsepower.  This Bubble Top also differs in another important way from many other 409’s that still exist:  it is in excellent restored condition. 

That fact is immediately apparent from the condition and quality of the Ermine white finish.  This respray of the original color is a substantial upgrade to the original factory lacquer with a luster and depth that you almost feel you can reach into.  All of the body gaps are good and the chrome is in very nice condition, both of which further enhance the impressiveness of this Chevy.   

The interior is likewise in impeccable condition reupholstered with an as-original red vinyl and cloth combination that looks like it was installed yesterday.  The dash, headliner and glass are all in great shape as well.  Even the radio, heater and lighter deletes emphasize that this is a car meant for performance first, second and third! 

Under the hood, the date-correct but not original 1962 QB-stamped 409 engine is nicely detailed and looks like the sleeping tiger that it is.  With its dual quad Carter AFBs this engine produces 409 horse power—one pony per cubic inch of displacement.  A brief turn of the ignition key brings this beast to life and, speaking of “life”, you are about to get the ride of your life.  Slip it into first gear, goose the throttle and you are off with a chirp or a cloud of tire smoke—your choice!   

The floor-mounted  4-speed all-synchro transmission shifts flawlessly as you accelerate down the road (or track); the Positraction rear puts the power of the 409 firmly on the pavement.  Downshifts are accommodated without complaint allowing you to also enjoy this Bubble Top for around-town driving.  The car has a Sun tach that requires servicing.

For those who are into decoding, the car’s VIN is 21637S135806 and the block # is T0419QB. It has a Positraction rear end and a T-10 4-speed.  It also has the original valve covers and the original air cleaner.   

This is a rust-free car with an underside that is painted, detailed and, as you would expect, exceptionally clean.  From top to bottom, this car is as clean as they come. 

Of course all of the safety equipment is working: horn, wipers, lights, etc.  The brakes work fine as does the steering.  The four tires are BF Goodrich 8:00-14s and are in good condition.   

Emphasizing that this was built as a performance car, there were factory deletes for the heater, radio and cigarette lighter.  The Bel Airs were about 100 pounds lighter than their sister Impalas, making them quicker in the quarter mile and therefore favored by those seeking performance. 

The Bel Air Bubble Top equipped with the 409/409 and 4-speed became a legend on the track and an icon in American automotive history.  These Chevrolets became highly sought after by collectors, and it is rare when one comes into the market because the owners cherish the fact that they have one of the most desirable American collectibles.  Our Bubble Top is being sold for the widow of an avid car collector whose stable of cars was entirely American muscle cars.  This 1962 409 was the crown jewel of his collection and is for the first time since its acquisition being offered for sale.

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