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1962 Austin Healey 3000 Tri-carb

Year:  1962
Make:  Austin Healey
Model:  3000 BT7 Tri-car
Price:  $29,900


Austin Healey 3000’s are the most rapidly appreciating of the British sports cars, and one drive in this 1962 model will tell you why. These are wonderful cars to drivequick, steady, distinctive and FUN.

This particular AH 3000, MK II BT7 belongs to a select group: the tri-carbs. Austin Healey built the three-carburetor, 132 hp version for one year, and therefore is considered by most enthusiasts to be a very collectible car.

Our 3000 is finished in the factory Healey Blue that, as the pictures confirm, is a very elegant color. It is highlighted by a blue leather interior with white piping. Both the paint and the interior are in good condition. The chrome, while in good condition, is showing signs of pitting on some of the trim pieces. The bumpers are in very good condition.

The engine is a strong performer, easily revving up towards redline and seems to be particularly comfortable in the higher rpms. It is above 3000 rpm that the bark of the exhaust reminds the driver that this is a powerful sports car [if the scenery rushing past wasn’t enough of a reminder!]. The four speed transmission was just totally rebuilt and performs flawlessly. This car also has Factory overdrive that works great for extended cruising at highway speeds.

Our Healey has wire wheels mounted with 4 brand new Michelin 165 SR 15 XZXs for superior handling. The safety equipment (turn signals, lights, horn and wipers) all works as do the gauges. The sole exception is the speedometer/odometer which probably needs to be rebuilt to avoid interactions with the traffic police.

Taking the car for a drive is an exhilarating experience with the wind in your hair, the exhaust note in your ears, and a huge smile on your face. The car is quick in the turns and fast down the straights. And yet, it is a well-behaved vehicle for those occasions when traffic creates stop and go conditions. This is not a car that you have to work at to drive enjoyably in almost any driving condition.

The Austin Healeys are much sought-after cars for both their styling and their drivability. Combine that with the rarity of being a tri-carb and you have a vehicle that you will appreciate while it appreciates!